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Swing Dancing Music

Want to listen to some music that you can practice dancing to? Listen to the Gotta Swing playlist in Soundcloud, compiled by the Gotta Swing teachers.

Radio Programs

Many Community Radio Stations around the country host Jazz Programs, which feature a wealth of music for Swing Dancers to dance to. The following stations allow listeners to listen to their programs online, and some allow for their show to be listened to after they have been broadcast. Check out the websites for the stations listed below for more details about their Jazz Programs.

ABC Jazz

24/7. On digital radio, smart TVs, mobile devices, and online.


ABC Jazz builds on the great reputation ABC Radio has for specialist jazz programming to appeal to fans and musicians alike. ABC Jazz is an important part of the Australian jazz community and features releases from the best jazz musicians in the country, and from around the world. It also includes original jazz performances recorded for ABC programs such as Jazztrack.


If you have a digital television or set-top box you can listen anywhere in Australia by tuning to channel 200 on digital free-to-air or through your Electronic Program Guide (EPG) on Foxtel Digital or Austar.


Download the ABC Radio App for iPhone and Android via the App Store and Google Play and listen to ABC Jazz through your mobile phone - just be aware that this will use your mobile's data if you're not logged onto a Wifi internet connection.


You can also listen via the ABC Jazz website. ABC Jazz is not available on AM/FM radio.

Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC)

"In the Spirit of Swing. The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center is to entertain, enrich and expand a global community for Jazz through performance, education and advocacy."

A unique mixture of new music and well known pieces by the legends of jazz, selected by the UK's finest presenters, each experts in their field.


Every night of the week (morning for Australians) there’s a collection of mellow music in Dinner Jazz, followed by chilled-out classics and laid-back beats in The Late Lounge.


Weekends with Peter Young include a selection of Soul and Mike Chadwick presents a seletion of contemporary jazz.

Listen live via the Jazz FM website.

Jazz FM
Jazz on the Terrace

All kinds of Jazz, presented on Radio Adelaide.


11am - 12 noon weekdays


Listen to their program live via their website, or check out previous playlists via the Jazz on the Terrace page on the Radio Adelaide website.

101.5fm Radio Adelaide
Jazz on Monday Nights

Presented by Dirk van Eymeren on Fleurieu FM, a Community Radio station based in the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.


Monday Nights, 8pm - 10pm.


Listen live via the Fleurieu FM website.

Fleurieu FM
3CR Community Radio
Jazz on a Saturday

Presented by the Victorian Jazz Club on 3CR,
a Community Radio station in Melbourne.


Traditional and classic jazz, news and interviews.


Saturdays 4pm - 5:30pm


Listen to the program live via the 3CR website, or listen to program afterwards via the Jazz on a Saturday website.

The Jazz Show

Hosted by Knox on 4ZZZ, a Comunity Radio Station in Brisbane, featuring Helen Simons plus crew.


A selection of modern Jazz, including Australian and foreign solo and trio performances, small groups and big bands. Some with vocalists, some without.


Each shows usually has a unifying theme or feature artist and occasionally interviews with local and visiting artists.


Sundays, 9am - 12 noon


Each program is archived on the Jazz Program's page on the 4ZZZ website.

2XX Community Radio
Jazz Hour

Sixty minutes of the very best of contemporary and nostalgic jazz recordings presented via the CR Network twice-weekly by Barry O'Sullivan from RBM 89.1 Radio Blue Mountains. 2XX is a Community Radio station in Canberra.


Each week listeners are treated to fine jazz from Australia, Europe and the Americas with a feature disc being the highlight of each program.


Sundays 12:00 am - 1:00am


Listen to the program live via the 2XX website.

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