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Jane Thornton

Jane first saw swing dancing at Universal Studios while on a trip in USA and was enthralled not only by the dance but also by the music that her dad had played a lot when she was a kid. When she returned to Melbourne she found a local Swing class at the Lizard Lounge. Nervous as heck, she turned up, loved it, and she hasn’t looked back since!


For over 10 years Jane has enjoyed all that the amazing Swing scene in Melbourne had to offer. She has inherited the the passion for Swing from Australian and International Swing Dancing Instructors.


In 2010 Jane joined the International Swing Dancing community to celebrate the life and legacy of Frankie Manning on what would have been his 95th birthday. Jane was the third Follow* (of 95) to dance Frankie’s birthday dance with Chazz Young, renouned American choreographer, dancer and son of Frankie Manning.


2010 was also the same year that Jane joined the Brat Pack, a Swing Dancing performace troupe in Melbourne. The video to the right is of the Brat Pack during this time. Jane is the lady dancing on the far right.


Gotta Swing is thrilled to have such an experienced and talented dancer as one of their instructors – where she is still learning and still having a ball. Yes, the learning continues, even for our instructors!


Jane teaches Lindy Hop with Mark on the Gold Coast on Mondays.


* A follow is the non-lead part of a Swing Dancing couple.

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