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A family of Jazz musicians from Melbourne that have been playing together for 23 years. This is a compilation of Itchy Fingers at their best, and embodies the Ichy Fingers motto:

"Have a Good Time, ALL THE TIME!"

Itchy Fingers are:
Domenic Raso (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Robert Monea (Rhythem/Harp/Vocals)
Steve Virgona (Bass/Vocal)
Emmanuel Cuschieri (CEO) (Percussion)

Facebook: Itchy Fingers Australia

Recorded & Mastered at Ignition Studio

Itchy Fingers Deluxe

  • 1. Who Dat? (B Friedman)
    2. Kiddio (Benton/Otis)
    3. One Sweet Letter (J Intveld)
    4. Chief of Police ( M Thomas)
    5. Scratchin' Circles (JD MoPerson/J Sutton)
    6. Why Are People Like That? (Charles/Bobby)
    7. Even It's Wrong (G Bennett)
    8. My Babe (W Dixon)
    9. Hot Rod Concerto (B Friedman)
    10. Fire Bug (JD McPherson)
    11. Betty Lou (M Thomas)
    12. Dimes for Nickels (JD McPherson)
    13. Mama Drop the Hammer (M Thomas)
    14. Mexicali Rose (Tenny/J Stone/Helen)